Arrangements Are Being Made! 

Feeling more creative now than ever, boys and girls! I've had the privilege over the last month to absorb some knowledge from some seriously cool giants in the music industry, and it's completely rocked my perspective on creating projects. Here's a snippet of an arrangement of a new song entitled "Over and Over" from the upcoming release, "Hydrolyze."

This isn't completely fleshed out yet. Needs stuff like vocals, lyrics, etc., but I think it's gonna be special.

Check it out, and don't forget to drop me a line!



Tangled Up In Me is HERE!!! Release Party is July 14th 


Great news everyone! After five years of learning mix craft, hair pulling frustrations, several side projects, many sleepless nights, and several espressos, my first full length album is done. Many thanks to all of you who were patient enough with me to take the time so I could do this right. I hope you enjoy the final result.

Here's something special for you Huntsvillians. We are planning a release party at Old Black Bear on July 14th. Directions are on the show calendar.  For those of you who ordered a pre-release (forever ago), it'll be there hot off the presses. If you're interested in pre-ordering your copy, there's still a chance. Click here for details!


Thanks again, everyone! See you at the show!!

Press Release 


Contact Info: Jonathan Laird / Jonathan Laird / (256) 783-0994 / / 


HUNTSVILLE, AL  (August 2, 2016)  — With the heat of the summer, and sweat on his brow, Huntsville artist Jonathan Laird celebrates the release of his first published single, “Bigger Than Myself.” 

Inspired by pop culture heroes, both young and old, this music aficionado puts his own twist on some very familiar sounds. Huntsville's publication, “Valley Planet” voted him “Best Jazz Artist” in their “Best of the Valley” reader's poll in 2010.  His songs have been spun on independent podcasts in Germany, New York, and the United Kingdom, and two songs from his current EP release, “Tangled Up In Me” have been aired on 104.3 WZYP out of Huntsville. His EP was produced by Cam DeVaney. (Flyleaf)  Since then, Jonathan has not only continued growing as a singer/songwriter and guitarist. He has also become very adept at recording, mixing and producing. Jonathan plays with Birmingham's renowned artist and Gigmasters #1 National Country Artist, Robert Abernathy. 

Jonathan delivers a hooky slice of happiness by combining head-bopping grooves, silky vocals and picturesque lyricism. It's a style of modern pop that meshes elements of Paul Simon and John Mayer with George Benson and Jason Mraz. He is currently writing songs for his first full-length recording, has shared the stage with Independent Christian artists Jonathan Lee, Kathleen Carnali, Jason Albert and Norris Jones (Michael Jackson), and opened at festivals for Incubus and Sister Hazel. He has shared the studio with Buddy Hyatt (Toto) and Bruce Boughton (Reba McEntire). He currently performs as a solo artist, producer, mixing engineer, and is also a supporting musician for other artists. Jonathan has also played benefits ranging from The Arthritis Foundation to Relay for Life and Susan G. Komen. 

Most recently, Jonathan released his brand new singles, Somebody Loves Me and Bigger Than Myself, available for online streaming and downloading.

Jonathan is available for interviews and appearances. Contact Jonathan at (256) 783-0994 or for more information. 
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Welcome to the new website and we've got exciting news! 

Wow! This past year has been quite a roller coaster ride. As I have worked to meet the deadline for the release of the project, I have come to the conclusion that it's best to leave these things in a certain state of flux with a little wiggle room for the unforeseeable. For instance, on more than one occasion when I tried to complete a goal, I ran into a variety of hiccups. Be it operating system reinstalls or hard drive crashes or buggy audio production software updates, life can be full of obstacles. It can be particularly so when you're trying to accomplish something big. Nonetheless, every struggle has been worthwhile. So, here's a little bit of what I've been up to in the past year:

I have taken on a new manager, Jason Hough. He is working diligently with me as a solo artist, and with my band, Unbroken. We are working towards some very promising projects this year.

I have grown tremendously in my knowledge of my software and production skills. I'm finally creating music I've always pictured in my mind and I've cultivated the necessary skills to take what's in my head and translate it to your ears. The next leg of the process is to take this work and get it mastered. This is final quality control and it includes the final balancing of the parts in each arrangement, encoding it with metadata so the artwork, track names and information are recognized on every platform, and is imperative for mass distribution.

In short, this is where we are. I will be posting more updates regarding the final release including the pending release party.

Check in frequently for more details.

Thanks, and be blessed!


Unbroken Dreams 

It has been sometime since I've payed attention to certain aspects of this page. As someone said when asked how she prioritized her life, she replied, "I'm constantly prioritizing my life." Yes, it becomes challenging from time to time to figure out what needs the most attention when wearing all the hats that musicians wear on a daily basis. This I can tell you: I have made a commitment to myself to do something new for my business everyday. You deserve fresh, new content and you're gonna get it. Looking forward to sharing more and more of it with you!
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