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While We're On the Subject... 

Greetings! Every now and then, I like to curate content, find out what's going on in the world, and share that with good folks, like yourself. Here are some of the latest juicy bits from the interwebs...

Sam Shepard dies at 73 after battling ALS




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What Sort Of Evil Did Scott And His Pack 'Let Out' On 'Teen Wolf'?



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England into Women's Euro 2017 semi-finals - reaction




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20,000 evacuated after fire breaks out at music festival in Barcelona



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If You’re Not Following Samantha Murray….You Are Missing Out 


via. Samantha Murray

At only 26, Samantha Murray has accomplished more than many people will in the entire lifespan.  With an entire laundry list of accolades, (see here..) including 1 Olympic Silver Medal, 2 World Championship Medals, 2 British Championship Gold Medals, and 8 World Cup Top 10 Finishes, this athletic phenom found herself to be the Pentathlete contender to be reckoned with.

via. Samantha Murray

Born on the 25th September 1989 in Preston, England and growing up in Clitheroe, Samantha participated in several sports: including gymnastics, dance, swimming, netball and athletics. All this athletic prowess not withstanding, Samantha is a farm girl at heart. She grew up spending much of her youth helping out and riding horses on her Grandparents farm. As she grew, she became active in gymkhana and show jumping.  Then through her swimming club she was asked to try out for a Biathlon. Although the nature of the competition was geared towards running and swimming, pistol shooting was also being held there. So, she found out that shooting practice was being held next to the swimming pool where she trained and she attended shooting classes before swim classes. Then, she took up fencing so that she could compete in her very first Modern Pentathlon.

In all these things, Samantha never neglected her academic pursuits. When she turned 18, she began studying for a degree in French and Politics at the University of Bath and joined the National Performance
Centre for Modern Pentathlon. Because the University was located at the Sports Training Village, Samantha was able to pursue her degree and also her training requirements.

There, she grew in terms of her stellar athleticism and performance. She still trains in Bath and continues to aspire for the one thing that is absolutely inherent in her nature. Pure. Unbridled. Excellence.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this talk has me pretty inspired myself. Time to write my next opus! 

All the best to you, Samantha! Your heart, soul, passion and desire cannot be replaced, and are something this world sorely needs to see!

via. Samantha Murray

via. Samantha Murray

Four Lessons We Can Learn From Simone Biles 

Simone Biles is a remarkable example of a young woman who refused to let her beginnings define her ending. Regardless of whether your wheelhouse is sports or something else, there are attitudes and attributes displayed in this incredible lady that can be a benefit to all.  With remarkable skill, prowess and a winner's attitude, this Olympic rock star personifies excellence in numerous ways, but these are some of my favorite:

1. She Has Command of Her Gifts

You don't participate in the Olympics if you don't have the chops. Simone has them for days.

via Independent Journal

2. She Knows Who She Is

Faced with the prospects of being offended by a commentator's remarks, she took the high road and didn't let that remark define who she is in any way.

via Huffington Post

3. She Shares the Glory

Again, at the Olympics, you're with the best of the best. While she knows who she is, she knows who her competitors are as well. She knows she has to bring her A-game because she expects that from the other contenders in the field.

via Team USA

4. She Is Herself

She absolutely refuses to live anyone else's story but her own. You've got to respect that.

via Jezebel

Attitude is everything. Simone well knows that where you've been doesn't necessarily determine where you're going. Where will you go in the future? With the mindset of a champion, you cannot be denied. Thanks, Simone for showing us what that looks like.

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