I'm very proud to announce that my second album, "Hydrolyze” is finally nearing completion in the pre-production phases! In all truth, I am a musician powered by you, the fans, so I thought it would be great to involve you in the last stages of the process by running a pre-order campaign as a way to say thank you! I want to give you more than just an album, and will be evaluating crowdsourcing services that will enable me to pull back the curtain and let you into the world of creation more than ever before. 

I'll be offering you exclusive items to buy and early access to information about the album (artwork, track listing, videos etc. as well as other news), all only available as part of our Pledge campaign. Items will range from house concerts to handwritten lyric sheets, plus some more “Laird style” one-offs, as well as the album itself in a variety of formats, clothing specially designed for this campaign and discounted bundles. 

Everyone who pre-orders an item from the gets from me in return: a digital download of the album on it’s release, as well as instant access to my behind the scenes updates as I go through the launch process. This is my way of saying thank you for all the support you have given over the years, and for being so patient while I make the album. I really appreciate it! 

Now, let’s have some fun together on the last leg of the journey! Share this page on your social media, tell your friends, family, dog and anyone else who will listen…there’s a new Jonathan Laird album on the way. Come with me, signup for the newsletter to get campaign updates and enjoy the ride!