Distorting the Truth

Digital recording has a lot going for it. 

It was, and is, precise, efficient, and convenient. The audio is clean. 

Sometimes, though, it's too clean. Something's missing….. 

Enter harmonic distortion. If you want to achieve mixes…

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9 Ways to Bring Your Drum Loops to Life

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, quite beats a good drum track. The right player, the right kit, and the right room can make a mix…..magical. But what if you don’t have access to a space where you can track…

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Behind the Song - "Over and Over"

Full disclosure: I'm conflicted. Not by this blog initiative as a concept, mind you, but because the basic crux of this series is to take you into the corners of my mind. It's a scary prospect. I like to write…

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Over and Over

Over and Over:

YouTube has decided to demonetize our presence. Please support this channel by going to: paypal.me/JonLairdLive. Thanks! Hey guys! Check out my new #video!


Principles are your pals...

Yes, I know the learning aid is actually for the word "principal," but hear me out...

My dad spent a lot of time teaching me several valuable things, not the least of which were cultivating diligence and hard work…

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Cover of Niall Horan’s “Flicker! Enjoy! Hey guys! Check out my new #video!