His smooth vocals coupled with his extensive set list and exemplary musicianship on the guitar made our party a hit!” - Robert Abernathy

(Country Singer/Songwriter)

Jonathan Laird

Jonathan Laird is predominantly a solo Adult Contemporary artist. He delivers a hooky slice of happiness by combining head-bopping grooves, silky vocals and picturesque lyricism. It's a style of modern pop that meshes elements of Niall Horan and Pat Metheny with Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz.

Although Jonathan could be considered a multi-instrumentalist, guitar is his first love, and more specifically, acoustic guitar.

Jonathan has a self-produced E.P. consisting of three original songs, and, only two years ago, he finished a songwriting campaign for his first full-length recording. Songs from the recording have been aired on 104.3 WZYP, and independent podcasts from the U.K., New York, and Germany.

He has been seen performing with Alabama Music Award winner, Robert Abernathy, and also served as producer on Robert's debut album, "Sticks and Stones."

He has received critical acclaim for "Portrait of a Destiny" and "Bigger Than Myself" from the Tangled Up In Me- E.P. The E.P. was produced by Cam DeVaney (pre-production for Flyleaf)

In addition, Jonathan has shared the stage with Independent Christian artists Jonathan Lee, Kathleen Carnali, Jason Albert (Heartland) and Norris Jones (Michael Jackson).

Jonathan currently performs as a solo artist, is a supporting session musician for other artists, is a member of the Eagles tribute band, Eagle Sunrise, has recently released his new four song EP - After the Rain. He is continually working on new material, and is innovating new methods of livestream performing.

Jonathan has played benefits for The Arthritis Foundation, The American Heart Association, Relay for Life and Susan G. Komen.